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  • 60" White Lightweight Fusible Tricot Knit Interfacing
    $5.99 yd.

    This is one of the most popular interfacings we carry in our store, as it has a little bit of structure and great flexibility, and works well with lightweight and midweight fabrics alike. It is a lightweight fusible tricot...

  • 60" White Midweight Fusible Woven Interfacing
    $6.99 yd.

    This midweight fusible interfacing is great for adding structure to cuffs and collars, as well as increasing the weight and structure of light to midweight woven fabrics. (Compare to 'Pellon Shapeflex') Note: Prewash with...

  • Grey 60" Nonwoven Fusible Interfacing
    $3.99 yd.

    This is a firm, midweight nonwoven fusible interfacing, great for stabilizing and adding weight to woven fabrics. (Compare to Pellon 950 Shirtailor)

  • 60" Sew-In Hair Canvas Interfacing
    $10.99 $8.75 yd.

    Hair canvas is a crisp, heavyweight interfacing, often used in jackets, coats, or other garments where crisp detail is required.

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