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Opus Designer Ribbons - 6 Roll Pack

We have a TON of incredibly high quality ribbons, and we're trying to sell them as quickly and cheaply as possible!  This Opus ribbon is beautiful, and is of unparalleled quality.  We are selling it in variety packs at less than $2 a spool (a spool contains anywhere from 27 to 50y per roll, depending on the style).  These are all 100% nylon, and the majority are organza though there are some satin ribbons as well.

Here's the story.  Not too long ago, we received a call from a wonderful Bay Area couple who had owned a designer ribbon business, and were now retiring and closing it down.  They had a basement full of beautiful ribbons, which they were hoping we'd come and take away for a song.  My dad and I drove out to their beautiful home near San Francisco to take a look.

The owner told us story after story of travelling to India regularly, and finding just the right quality for his ribbons.  He would grab specific spools, tell us why that particular type of ribbon was special, the process of how it was made, and why his was superior to other ribbons you might find at the craft store.  He told us proudly how he had supplied ribbon for the largest card companies and how some of the finest department store gift wrap counters were stocked with his ribbons. Honestly, I never knew someone could love ribbon so much, but this man LOVED ribbon, and it showed.   Despite our protestations, this man helped us load a truck all day with boxes and boxes of what were the final vestiges of his business.  There were even a few moments where he got emotional talking about it (though his wife mostly seemed thrilled to have the space back in their home).  This was clearly his baby, and ribbon was his passion. 

Fast forward to today, and we have thousands of rolls of these incredible ribbons filling our warehouse.  The amount of time it would take us to photograph, catalog, and list each one individually is staggering, so we've decided to sell them WAY below value instead.  This is an incredible buy to bolster your trim stash, or to add some elegance to your gift wrapping.

Now: C$ 13.72
C$ 54.89